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Jameel Arts Centre, Dubai

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Experience Ramadan Nights of Shared Traditions at Jameel: Celebrating Community and Creativity

This year, the Jameel is inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the holy month of Ramadan by stepping back into simpler times. The event features two festive nights, Ramadan Nights 1 and 2, on March 16th and 23rd respectively. Each night offers a unique theme for families of all ages to enjoy from 9 pm till midnight.

Ramadan Nights 1: Connecting over Shared Traditions focuses on wellness and mindfulness, offering workshops led by local creatives, storytelling, and meditation to help attendees slow down, reflect, and embrace shared traditions.

Ramadan Nights 2: Crafting over Shared Traditions centers around hands-on activities for children and adults, encouraging bonding and togetherness in celebration of shared traditions.

Both events are free and open to all, with limited capacity workshop participation on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate the essence of gatherings and shared traditions during the holy month!


Source: jameelartscentre.org/whats-on/ramadan-nights-2/


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