Terms of use

By using the app, I (user) agree to to the next conditions:

  • I will not submit inappropriate content. Any type of content, which goal or side effect could potentially harm any creatures in the Universe can be considered inappropriate.
  • I understand, that any content, which I may encounter is submitted without registration. Meaning anyone in the internet can do it and stay anonymous. Some people may submit inappropriate content.
  • Content I submit could be deleted without any notification or pend for infinite time. Have I got any inquiries, I can write to support@melme.io to resolve them.
  • I understand that behind almost everything related to melme there is a single guy, and he does his best, but it can be not enough sometimes.

We, as a platform, from our side will:

  • be moderating content and protecting users from harm to the extent possible;
  • be developing new features, fix bugs and support healthy community;

This version of terms of use is subject to change in the future.

Published: 2022-12-24 Last updated: 2023-01-11