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Fujiya Downtown Restaurant, Dubai

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That sounds like an incredible fusion of traditional Japanese arts and jazz music! The performance featuring Mr. Senju Einojo's Nihon Buyo dance accompanied by the Shamisen, combined with the Dubai Jazz Musicians playing jazz tunes, promises to be a unique and captivating experience.

This blend of traditional Japanese melodies from the Edo era and contemporary jazz showcases the intersection of diverse musical styles. It's an opportunity to witness a creative collaboration between two distinct genres and explore the harmonious fusion of sounds.

For those interested in attending this extraordinary event, it's hosted at Fujiya Downtown, where there's no entry ticket required. However, to secure a seat and enjoy the performance along with fine dining, it's recommended to reserve a table by contacting the restaurant at 045477171.

Prepare to be transported through an innovative musical journey that intertwines the soulful melodies of traditional Japan with the improvisational rhythm of jazz music.


Source: meetup.com/dubai-jazz-musicians/events/297621733/


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